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Are you finding it difficult to move forward with your life due to the emotional, mental, and sometimes physical pain that often follows a major loss? Grief can stem from the loss of a loved one, job, time, home, and more which can lead to depression, anger, or anxiety for an extended time. Grief can stem from many forms of physical and mental abuse. Adjusting to major life transitions can be extremely difficult and can bring your life to a complete halt. Help is available.  


In addition to offering grief counseling, I work with adults who are searching for purpose and fulfillment but find it difficult to move forward due to mental and emotional barriers. 

I offer you a caring, empathetic, collaborative, and integrative approach. I integrate methodologies and techniques to offer a personalized therapeutic experience with compassion and understanding during grief therapy which include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, psychoeducation and motivational interviewing. Additionally, I offer a holistic approach where we will analyze how your past experiences, thoughts, familial and other relationships, employment, strengths and weaknesses, health, faith, culture and your goals contribute towards the person you are and how they affect your healing and coping. 

I received my Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Aurora University and I am a Licensed Social Worker (LSW).  I currently receive supervision from Kenneth Catalanotte who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).