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Why Grief Comes in Waves

Grief is a complex process, full of ebbs and flows as your brain works to process your loss. It will be different for every situation and person. In the beginning, your grief may feel as though it has completely consumed you. However, as time goes on, you will begin to feel that grief fade, allowing you to build the strength to get through the ebbs and flows of the waves you will experience.

Healing is Not a Linear Process

While grief will begin to fade with time, it is not a linear healing process. You may go through a period without feeling any grief at all when, suddenly, it hits you like an unexpected wave in the ocean. Grief will take some time to process. Your brain will have to work through many emotions after receiving the news that is causing it.

As your brain processes your emotions, you may run into obstacles and triggers that remind you of your grief. While this is a normal occurrence when dealing with grief, it doesn’t mean that you will never be able to work through your pain.

The loss that is causing your grief will likely bring about a significant change. This means that you will have to figure out a way to live your new normal. It will take time for your brain to accept this new reality. Be kind to yourself in this time, allowing yourself the patience and love that you need.

Healing from grief is not a linear process. You might have moments of extreme sadness and pain, but you will likely also have moments when you realize that you will be alright- you are strong and can get through this.

Tips For Coping

Coping with grief can feel impossible at times. You can get through these waves of grief, though. Some tips for coping include:

  • Take care of yourself. Try to get up and get moving. Shower, brush your teeth and take care of your hygiene. Feed yourself healthy foods. Get enough sleep. These may seem like insignificant things when dealing with grief, but they have such a significant impact on helping you get through these tough times.

  • Be kind to yourself. It can be easy to try to swallow your feelings or rush your healing process. However, dealing with your grief in the way you need is crucial to your healing. Allow yourself to feel the emotions you are feeling, and give yourself the time to work through these emotions. Give yourself the grace that you would provide if your loved ones were grieving.

  • Reach out for help. Grief is a tough feeling to deal with. If you find yourself needing the comfort of a person you love, reach out to your family and friends and allow them to be there for you. If you have difficulties processing your emotions, reach out to a mental health professional to get the help you may need. If you are struggling with feeling alone, seek out a support group with people who have experienced what you are going through.

Is it Grief or Something More?

Your grief will come in waves. You may begin to think that you feel better, only to be knocked off your feet by a big one. While this is a normal thing to experience with grief, know that it will not last forever. You will get through this.

If you have any difficulties dealing with your grief, reach out to us immediately. Seeking therapy can help you work through the complex emotions that often come with grief, allowing you to get on the right path to healing.


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