Jennifer Martin, LSW

Sliding Scale Self-Pay

I am a licensed social worker and certified grief counseling specialist. I believe in providing a warm judgement-free space where my clients can unleash their deepest thoughts and greatest pain. There is no such thing as "crazy" in my therapy room.  All of your emotions are welcome in my therapy room. I provide a safe space to hold conversations that can facilitate your healing process.

My approach to grief counseling is informed by my professional training and personal experience with loss. Grief is inherently complex. It is different for each person and different with each loss. I provide support to my clients with the understanding that each person’s grief process looks different. I will not be shocked by the intensity of your emotions. Instead, I will allow space for you to explore and express those emotions in their fullest capacity with patience, compassion, and care.

As a queer therapist, my approach to LGBTQ counseling is informed by the fact that I understand that members of the LGBTQ community face unique challenges related to mental health and self-acceptance. I help fellow queer people deal with microaggressions and discrimination I believe that therapeutic relationships are naturally healing. I have witnessed powerful growth and healing in my presence. I want to offer that same experience to you. 

As a licensed social worker and certified grief counseling specialist, I am prepared to accompany you on your grief journey. You do not have to walk that rugged path alone. I leverage techniques from complicated grief therapy (CGT), interpersonal therapy (IPT), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you process your grief.
However, I must emphasize that while I’m a licensed professional trained in the most appropriate therapeutic techniques, I also simply listen to my clients with an open heart.
I received my Master’s of Social Work degree from Aurora University  (2018) and a Bachelors of Arts degree  from National Louis University (2013). I am currently being supervised by Kenneth Catalanotte, LCSW.