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Family Counseling

Is your family struggling to communicate, resolve conflict, or adjust to significant changes? 

There is nothing more important than family, but family dynamics can be complicated at times. Life throws curve balls at families can than cause conflict as each member works to adjust to to new dynamics or challenges in their own way. 

  • significant conflict with adolescent/teen family member

  • adoption

  • blended family conflict

  • financial strain

  • relocation

  • divorce

  • death in the family

  • substance abuse in the family

Family conflict is normal.


All families struggle at times, from young children to senior family members. Just as no single person is perfect, there is no perfect family. But an imperfect family is not a bad family. There are so many various changes that occur across the lifespan for each individual member. But sometimes, when multiple family members at various stages of life are adjusting to change and or challenge, problematic conflict can arise.  At times, family conflict can be too hard to solve on your own and you might need some external support to mediate the situation.

Counseling can help restores harmony in your family. 


Therapy can be among the best choices to help your family work together as a team towards meaningful change. Our aim is to work together on building better communication and cohesion in your family relationships. We will help build awareness into negative behavioral and communications patterns and provide techniques for you to change those patterns. We'll help you navigate complex family dynamics or any specific issues that your family is facing.


Our process begins with developing a customized treatment plan and goals for your family. We take into account the needs of each member of your family and help you find a way to balance those needs in such a way the the family is aligned. This might meant reaching consensus, compromise, or agreeing to disagree. Either way, we will equip your family with the necessary tools to address and resolve conflict.


"But, I don’t want to share our personal problems with a stranger." 

It is difficult to be vulnerable and transparent with someone you don't know well, especially if what you need to discuss is less than flattering. But, just as you often have to discuss private medical concerns with your physician, it is safe to discuss private relationship concerns with your marriage and family therapist. Your therapist is a licensed professional who is bound by confidentiality. You can rest assured that the content of your sessions will not be shared with others. Just as with a medical concern, delaying the visit to your marriage and family therapist can lead to greater complications in the long run. Let us help restore harmon in your family.

"Family counseling is too expensive."


Family counseling is an investment into the relationships that matter to you most. Investing time and money into resolving conflict now may not only strengthen your family unit, but prevent future stress brought on by worsening conflict. Your counselor is a highly-trained and licensed professional. The long-term benefits of working with a seasoned professional to resolve family conflict largely outweigh the fees. Your family is worth it.

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