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Rhapsody Behavioral Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary group therapy practice centrally located near downtown Downers Grove, IL. We pride ourselves on providing warm, personalized, empathic, and respectful therapy services to our clients. All of our therapists are licensed in the State of Illinois to provide psychotherapy and have several years of experience working in the mental health profession. Please see below for more information on our specialties. Or learn more about our team here.

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Depression & Anxiety

Major Depression / Postpartum Depression /  PMDD / Seasonal Affective Disorder / Panic Attacks / Phobias

Complex Grief

Professional support to adjust to loss, separation, and mourning associated with atypical deaths (e.g. suicide, homicide, stillbirths, miscarriages, loss of child, loss of estranged loved one, etc.)

Substance Use Disorders

Treatment for substance use disorders and their underlying depression, anxiety, or trauma

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